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Street Food Revolution.

There’s lots in the press, on social media and in general conversation now about the

Street Food Revolution. That’s great for street food traders, established and new...isn’t it? 

Well, ‘yes’ and ‘no’.  You see, we’re living in tricky old times right now and whilst the answer

is a resounding YES in terms of raising the profile of street food and of non-premises based businesses generally, it means more people jumping on the bandwagon. And what does that mean? Well, increased competition of course. So many people are experiencing the Street Food Revolution and seeing what a phenomenal and exciting movement it is, they want a slice for themselves. And with the waves of redundancies happening around UK and the number of unemployed graduates, the industry is attracting some incredibly creative and savvy foodies.

BUT, it’s all GOOD news.  The increase in number of street trading businesses means the profile will raise further, attracting more quality customers and more opportunities to trade - more events, festivals and private commissions.  AND, more traders means better quality because we all have to raise our standards, get even more creative and brand ourselves brilliant!

Stand out from the Rest.

SO, how can you do that? How can you make sure you’re the cream that rises to the top?

How do you make sure you have event organisers begging you to be at their events? How do you stand out, create a legacy, get talked about

AND make more money ££££££

Talk to us at Street Eats.  We’re a team of marketing, business and street trading professionals who REALLY know what it’s like to walk a mile in your shoes.  In fact, we still trade and organise events as well as helping others. When we share our expertise and experiences, we create more opportunity....for everyone.  As part of our network, you’ll have access to experts, great advice, events and trading opportunities and reviews and, perhaps more importantly, a great network of fellow traders just as willing to share and help so you never have to feel you’re going it alone.

So, whether you’re just thinking about setting up and are not sure what to do or where to go,

or you’re an established trader that would like to look at ways of catapulting your business to another level, let’s have a chat.

We run regular seminars, workshops and offer 1:1 intensives throughout the year.

So, why not join us? We’d love to meet you and hear all about what you’re doing.


and the StreetEats team

Tricky times call for inventive marketing.

What are you doing to keep ahead of the game... and the competition?

Are you getting help?